Norton vs Avast – Comparison Review

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Norton and Avast are both popular and world programs in the antivirus market; they protect the computer software carefully from the hacking attacks and block dangerous web-pages. The user often puts the question of what is the better and it isn’t surprised because the best antivirus should be only one and now we will decide what is the best one, Norton or Avast, and why. We will study the main categories and antivirus features in them and will make the conclusions.

Security comparison

This is the main function of both programs and Norton antivirus provides the security in such ways:

– Real-time protection from the threats;

– Blockage of attacks;

– Encryption of your personal information;

– Checker of the downloading application

Avast offers the following opportunities:

  • Protection with a firewall that is under password;
  • Scanning;
  • Protection when you online;
  • Safe zone browser;
  • Security of home network.

Both programs are good for the protection of user information but Avast becomes the winner in this category with more developed features and striker protection.

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Scanning system

Avast antivirus is designed to work with viral threats and Norton is developed to block the threats from any impact on the computer system. Norton blocks the dangerous threats immediately before their activation at your PC.

Firewall Protection

The results of the study showed that both antiviruses have solid firewalls but Norton proposes a more modern firewall with better opportunities and it becomes the best one in this category.

Phishing Protection

Norton is the winner here because of his A+ results.

Price policy

Norton antivirus is cheaper than Avast the difference is little but Norton proposes more functional options at a lower price and also becomes the definite winner here.

Free version

Norton version has more functional options in its trial and free version in contract with Avast.

System operation

Both antivirus have a minimal effect on the system operation speed and don’t cause the slowdown work. The user can see the detailed information in Settings.

User Interface

This is another very important category. Avast has the older version and Norton has a more modern user interface with the upgraded options. It leads here.

Money Back guarantee

Avast antivirus doesn’t guarantee any financial security in the contract of Norton who protects not only the personal but finance data and all operations with the finance. It is the first one here.

Bottom line

Both programs are characterized by good functional options and ensure the full security of all programs but Norton leads in many categories.