My Singing Monsters: Game Overview

My Singing Monsters: Game Overview

Today we’ll take a look at the popular video game series called My Singing Monsters. The game is developed by Big Blue Bubble and was initially released back in 2012. At first, only iOS users could enjoy it. Later the developer introduced editions for Android and other devices. Nowadays, the game is everywhere. Let’s find out more about it in the brief review below.

Peculiarities of the gameplay

Here players must gather and raise monsters. Every monster has a line of the song. They can either sing it or play on an instrument. Gather them to play a song.

What’s more, monsters can become your in-game currency, allowing you to purchase decorations, food, build structures, and advance in the game. For instance, you may remove obstacles, generate more money, etc.

As you get more experienced, you unlock or buy new levels/additional islands. There you can discover all sorts of activities. The islands will assist you in getting more rewards or composing original songs.

The popularity of My Singing Monsters

The first edition attracted tons of attention and became a real hit. It led to new releases like Dawn of Fire, Composer, and PS Vita. Besides, the game got several spin-offs.

The popularity took these characters to print, bringing kids various activity books and guide books.

In 2020, the game got awarded with the People’s Voice Award for Best Music/Sound Design.

In 2021, we can expect My Singing Monsters: Fandemonium animated series. They will feature your favorite characters.

How to get free diamonds?

Many players wish to advance faster and unlock new content sooner. One of the ways to do it is to learn about My Singing Monsters hack. With the help of certain techniques and by following the tips, players may discover more free diamonds and purchase access to new islands. If you are interested in this hack, you should watch some YouTube videos that show step-by-step instructions on the matter.

In this game, diamonds are considered to be a premium currency, while coins are average. One may see diamonds in the original edition and the Dawn of Fire only. The gems are rare but could be used for a wide selection of actions.

To earn more diamonds, one should play the mini-mine and the premium Maximum Mine. Besides, they could be after the completion of Goals, Weekly Tribal Islands Goals, etc. Other ways of getting diamonds here include:

  • Bring a friend;
  • Share your results on social media;
  • Exchange Shards;
  • Log in every day (from three to ten days in a row), etc.

You’ll earn plenty of diamonds if you are attentive.

Nevertheless, there is no need to do anything out of the ordinary to become good at this game. Practice and have fun. As you breed these monsters and earn new rewards, you’ll move through levels fast.

Final thoughts

My Singing Monsters is a popular game that stands out from the rest by being creative and versatile. Try the game, play songs, and breed monsters.