Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key

Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep introduces a new exotic ray rifle. And its name is Divinity, which is awarded for the quest “What is this … What is this?” And to get in, you need to know how to get a Destiny 2 encrypted cache key. In this guide, you will learn what operations you need to perform to get it. And we will help you to find the key.

Rifle Quest “Divinity”

To do this, you have to go to the Harbor of Sorrow location on the Moon. Here you need to find the Vex Gate, which is at the beginning of the new Garden of Salvation raid.

Near the gate, you need to clear the area from the Vex, which will attack in several waves. Kill the final boss to get the item you need to start the Divinity quest. The assignment stage is called “What is … What is this?”

Here you need to go to the planet Ness, where it is necessary to visit 3 lost sectors, which are the Planetarium, Confluence (Reservoir), and Node (Shelter of the Ancient). Here we find the cores, scan them, clean up the opponents, and scan again.

After completing these actions, you will receive the item “Encrypted cache key.” For this closure, 120 decryption cores need to be repaired. Follow the new activity “Vex Attack” and destroy your opponents. It is best done as a team. After that, the next stage of the quest “The Key to Divinity” will start. Jump off it and fly into the secret room. Here, activate the item that will give your team puzzles.

Puzzle Number 1

Divide into two groups of 3 each, and then disperse along the corridor on two sides. Inside the hall, stand on the steps and pass the beam along the chain, passing it through each player and closing the chain. The task is to draw a ray from the cube of the first room to the cube of the second.

Puzzle Number 2

Go through the first stage of the quest, and then find a secret room with a labyrinth in a large flower meadow. Here you also need to stretch a ray from one cube to another. Having solved the first riddle, it will be much easier for you to navigate.

Puzzle Number 3

Between the first and second stages, there will be the next puzzle in the large green room. Here, on a green tree, it is necessary to draw a ray from the cube through all the orange dots and close it into a circuit.

Puzzle Number 4 and Number 5

In the second step, stretch the beam through all members of the team and close it in a chain. Then, together with her, overcome the large pipe and draw the beam along with the new positions. Please note that it is best to jump in the pipe as a team, rather than bypass it. Because in the second option the harpies will follow you. After this, you will get the desired item.