Avast blocking League of Legends on my PC

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It is very difficult to find a person who doesn’t know the game League of Legends because it is the most popular game with a wide range of opportunities. It is characterized by the complex client and that’s why sometimes some issues can cause with its startup at the PC. Let’s clarify, the reasons why Avast blocks League of Legends launching on your PC.

Why League of Legends doesn’t launch with Avast antivirus?

Avast is the antivirus program that guarantees the solid protection of all programs and applications on your PC. It works for your safety and sometimes its operation is too intensive and doesn’t require its interruption. And here it is the same. It recognizes the game League of Legends as a dangerous game and wants to secure you from its impact and doesn’t allow the game to launch. But you shouldn’t worry about this reason. You should be glad that your safety depends on this solid antivirus.

Method 1 to overcome the problem of League Legends startup

In order to try to solve the problem, the user has to follow the step by choosing Scan-Scan for the Viruses identification – Virus box. When you open the virus box you will see some LoL connected files. Reverse the files and tap on Add to Exclusions. If some files are already taken by the League of Legends, tap on Overwrite to change the new files on the old ones and start the game.

Method 2 to open League of Legends at Avast

If the described steps didn’t help you, the reason can be another. It is possible that the antivirus has recognized the game as a dangerous threat but it didn’t decide what to do with its solution and it still blocks the game at the startup till the final decision. This is another reason why Avast blocks the League of Legends on your PC. But this can be corrected easily. You should visit the Setting and Exclusions options. Here the users can put out the files which are not considered as a dangerous threat.

You should only add the game League of Legends from the list of dangerous ones in order to exclude it from scanning. Close the antivirus and click on the Avast symbol on the toolbox. Turn the mark in the other direction and persuade if everything is good. Now League of Legends is the list of safe programs and should open without any errors.

Bottom line

There are some reasons why Avast antivirus doesn’t allow League of Legends opening and all of them are simple to solve in a few minutes.